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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I cannot imagine going to any other studio or gym! The instructors, under Carianne's leadership, are the very BEST! I love all of the classes and have so much more strength and balance and flexibility. PS. My husband loves the Cross-Core classes too!
Date of Posting: 11 December 2017
Posted By: Holly Lee
My life has been altered since joining Core Concepts in a great way. The instructors and other members are so welcoming that even at an early morning rise, I feel like family is embracing me and making me feel so special. I am always encouraged to do my best and inspired to do even better. Core Concepts studio offers a variety of classes and times. It is very hard not to find something that doesn't work best with my personal schedule. Also, the variety of classes makes it always so interesting and exciting. Each instructor brings their own personal style to a session and I learn so much with each and every class. I feel committed to the studio because I honestly believe that the instructors care about my well-being. Since becoming a member, I feel stronger, healthier, more toned and taller!
Date of Posting: 01 December 2017
Posted By: Ivana
I love everything about Core Concepts! It's not only a place to get healthy, I feel that I'm with extended family. Both instructors and clientele are amazingly pleasant! Any class I attend by all instructors, both challenge and make me feel stronger! The knowledgeable instructors are always adamant about fitness, but most importantly utilizing proper form to achieve our goals. Thank you Core Concepts for my immeasurable obbsession with pilates!
Date of Posting: 28 November 2017
Posted By: Julie Salazar
I took a class because I couldn't say "no" to a friend and now I am hooked. The ambiance of the studio is always warm and inviting. I've had the pleasure of taking classes from all of the instructors and each one of them shares with the class a unique style and they are all the sweetest, friendliest, and kindest individuals I've ever met. The instructors are encouraging and motivating and since attending Core Concepts I feel better, stronger and healthier.

Thank you!
Date of Posting: 13 February 2017
Posted By: Ivana Bertuzzelli
After experiencing a painful back spasm, I chose Pilates over Physical Therapy to get rid of my chronic back pain. Leslie has been a miracle worker! In just a few weeks, my back already feels so much better and stronger. All the instructors at Core Concepts are professional, knowledgeable and wonderful!
Date of Posting: 12 October 2016
Posted By: Susan Tinsley
Core Concepts is such an amazing studio! The atmosphere is so inviting and each instructor is so very well trained and full of energy and great spirit, you never want to miss your workouts! I am so happy that I found Carianne and her whole staff!!!!
Date of Posting: 27 September 2016
Posted By: Beth Brown
As a fitness professional I get choosy about where I spend my time when I'm not teaching. This studio is full of loving enthusiastic high quality highly trained devoted to continuing education instructors. The location is intimate and boutique/spa exclusive feel to it. Beats a large gym or chain type facility! You won't be disappointed!
Date of Posting: 21 September 2016
Posted By: Emily
I have been coming to Core Concepts since CariAnne was in the previous location and love not only the classes, studio and instructors but also the friendships I have made over the years. All of the instructors are super knowledgeable and no two workouts are the same. I am constantly feeling challenged. The size of the studio is perfect too. I have been to many gyms over the years before I found Core Concepts but every time I arrive at the studio I feel like I am at home. I tell people about the classes all the time!! I just love my Core Concepts "family."
Date of Posting: 19 September 2016
Posted By: Holly Lee
I have been attending core concepts about 3 1/2 months after an MRI showed, herinanated disc and inflammation in my back from triathlon training. I have never felt better with my workouts and trialthon training since Mary and Leslie have been helping me strengthen my core. These instructors are dedicated and amazing!
Date of Posting: 08 October 2015
I love the classes and instructors at this studio! It is a happy, clean, and pleasant place to be. Instead of paying for a massage every 2 weeks, I have discovered that the Core classes have helped my muscles relax and grow strong. I love it
Date of Posting: 08 October 2015
Posted By: Gail R.

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